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Kiarra and Rafael

Please join us for our wedding celebration on...

Our Story

Even though Kiarra was drawing little pink hearts around Rafael's yearbook picture in kindergarten, this love story started in 2017. Just like any other modern romance, Rafael showed his interest in Kiarra through social media. The first date consisted of two favorites of theirs...sushi & a movie. They haven't stopped dating since. Although it's a mystery as to who said "I love you" first, (Rafael says Kiarra, Kiarra says Rafael) their love for each other is to be admired. Five years, two college degrees, two apartments, and one incredibly cute dog later, Rafael proposed. In true Rafael fashion, he bought a ring and told not a soul. While vacationing in Portugal, Rafael asked Kiarra to be his wife. Then, after the easiest "yes" ever said, they both decided to continue keeping the secret and surprised their friends and family when they got home. After years of "when are you two getting married?" or "Rafael when are you proposing?" they were excited to surprise their loved ones with the news.

Now, after 7 years together we cannot wait to celebrate this special day with all of you.